What To Do In This Economy With Your Horse Business

“In this economy” is a favorite phrase for politicians, worried business owners and job seekers. It almost always has a negative connotation and is offered as a preface for an excuse for lack of performance.

I don’t hear phrases like: “In this community…”, In this month…, In this thunderstorm…as excuses, but the economy, a mysterious, intangible theory of commerce, is the perfect blame for all that is bad in business and employment. “In this economy” is a moot reference when you think about it. Is there any other economy than the present?

If you hear or are fond of using “in this economy..” begin to hear it as code for what it is-an excuse for not thinking and adapting to what is happening today in commerce.

Instead of lamenting about your decline in students in your lesson program, figure out why it happened and develop a marketing program to fix it today. If registrations for summer camp are lagging, call last year’s campers and sign them up and collect a deposit. If you’re losing money at you current board rate, raise the rate and be prepared to lose a boarder or two.

In this economy, thinking and innovative professional horsemen enjoy the opportunity to build a successful horse business like never before in history.

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