Thinking Too Hard Will Always Kill A Sale

You know those imaginary conversations you have in your head with potential customers about your boarding, lesson or training business? I mean the dialogues where your brain does the talking for both you and the prospect. I say X and she says Y. I say it costs Z and she says I can’t afford that. And your brain says, “just what I thought!”

file  I bet you could fill a five drawer file cabinet with the potential sales you’ve discarded over the years after thinking about why prospects won’t buy from you. The five drawers would be filled with these reasons why you didn’t ask the prospects to buy:

  1. They don’t have the money, they could never afford it.
  2. They’re doing business with my competitor and her prices are way below mine.
  3. I’m not experienced enough for them to hire me.
  4. They’ve said No before and they will just say No again.
  5. I sent the information and they never called me back. They are clearly not interested.

When you do prospects’ thinking for them and choose not to pursue a sale, two things occur.

  1. You automatically deny yourself sales that would make your business more profitable.
  2. Your prospect misses out on a great offer for your services that will help them enjoy horses even more.

If you’re like me, it’s enough of a challenge to get your own thinking done. Doing the thinking for others is presumptuous, arrogant and insulting. Let the prospect say Yes or No. It’s good manners.


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