How to Sell A Riding Lesson

You’ll have an easier time with selling your boarding, lesson and training services when you get your mindset focused on selling as an investment and not a cost. There is much more than price to making a sale and you’ll be better at selling when you stop differentiating by price only.

For example, your fees charged for a riding lesson are not a cost to a student like an electric bill, they are an investment in the student’s ongoing enjoyment of riding with an improved set of skills. Without improved skills, pleasure from riding or competing is saddle tall 2greatly reduced and may even disappear. People ride for the fun of it and the feeling of self satisfaction as they develop expertise.

Riding lessons are an investment in the student’s present and future that provide ongoing value and compounded value over time. You can’t unlearn valuable knowledge and experience and that’s what makes a riding lesson an investment and not a cost.

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