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“Who Else Wants to Charge What They’re Worth Without Feeling Guilty?”

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From: Doug Emerson The Profitable Horseman
Date: Thursday 8:30 am

  • Do you feel forced to keep your rates low for services due to fear of your customers leaving and prospects searching for a better deal?
  • Are your long time customers for boarding, lessons and training viewed as friends and your guilt of insulting a friend prevents you from increasing your prices, even though your expenses have increased dramatically?
  • Are you uncertain if you’re “good enough” or what you offer is valuable enough to charge higher rates  similar to your competitors?

The Main Purpose of A Business Is To Make A Profit.  If the main purpose of your business is other than that, please forgive my bluntness, but you don’t have a business, you have a hobby.

It’s not easy to raise your rates and charge what you’re worth. So many factors prevent a business owner from raising fees like:

  • Your relationships with existing clients as you perceive them as friends just as much as customers
  • Your perceived lack of personal experience and qualifications
  • Your feelings of self worth
  • Your lack of confidence that customers can actually afford to pay more
  • Your reliance on hearsay of what others charge for services instead of verifying the facts

If you’re affected by any of the factors above, you’re not alone. Thousands of horse business owners have these feelings. And they desperately want to overcome them to adjust their rates and begin transforming their businesses to being more profitable.

But they hit a brick wall when they try to develop a plan to change. And there is no manual available titled, How To Raise Your Rates in Your Horse Business Without Losing The Customers You Already Have.”

When you begin in business and have only a handful of customers or even none, you believe that discounted prices will help attract customers. After all, low, low prices as a strategy works for Wal*Mart and why shouldn’t that work for you?

Your plan of discounted pricing does work to lure some customers, but most often they are the type of customer you really don’t want. And adding to your frustration, you end up with the wrong type of customer who expects first class service at coach rates. In the spirit of good service, you work extra hard for a dismally low fee which in turn makes you cranky and irritable.

I’ve been trapped in this model myself and know the feelings of frustration associated with it. You see, as a small business operator, the thing you are selling is your time. This applies to riding lessons and training as well as boarding.

You’ve only got as much time each day as everyone else and your rate of return or profit on that spent time is a key indicator of the financial success of your business. If you do the math on your dollar return per hour and it’s slightly above minimum wage, you know you have a major problem to fix fast or you’ll be calling an auctioneer.

I’ve studied how professionals raise their prices and keep their customers. I applied the principles of what I learned in my own consulting business and have been awarded consulting work at fees I would have never dared to charge before! My clients have also used these principles to increase their boarding, lesson and training fees without a major disruption in their cash flows.

Here are some of approaches business owners often take that seldom work:

  • When it comes to increasing fees, the take it or leave it approach, usually sends your customers scurrying in other directions frightened or angry.
  • The selective approach of having two or three different rate schedules for the same service is generally a cumbersome recipe for financial disaster as well.
  • And, you know from experience, postponing rate increases until next month or the new year or until you “feel” the timing is right is madness.



How to Charge What You’re Worth Without Feeling Guilty

 4 Session Live Webinar from 


Horse Business School

This webinar based how-to course is presented LIVE in 4 information packed 30 minute modules and Recorded for your convenient viewing again anytime you choose. You attend  from your office via your computer accessing the webinar via the internet.

The course is designed  for:

  • Professionals in the horse business who want to increase their profitability by charging for the value they deliver instead of feeling chained to the “going rate” and cheating themselves out of income they’ve earned and deserve
  • Start-up horse business owners seeking support on how to feel confident and polished when they talk with prospects about their fees
  • Horsemen considering the start of a part-time or full time career as a professional horseman and want to be prepared to succeed

This program begins on Tuesday August 20, 2013 at 12:30 P.M. Eastern time and runs for 2 weeks on Tuesdays and Thursdays:

Session 2: Thursday, August 22

Session 3: Tuesday August 27

Session 4: Thursday August 29

All sessions at 12:30 P.M. Eastern time. If you can’t make all of the times, no worries, the webinar will be recorded for you to access online whenever your schedule permits.

There are 4 modules to the course and each module will last 30 minutes with  a question and answer session at the end of each 30 minute module.

Why 30 minute modules?

Your time is valuable and your day is busy. It’s easier to focus for thirty minutes on key concepts than to spend an hour or more trying to absorb everything while fending off distractions by everything and everyone.

Why 2 Modules per week?

You need to get clear on your pricing and fee schedules right away! There’s no need to procrastinate on analyzing your current rates and adjusting them where necessary. You need to set a schedule for increasing your rates and improve your profits


Module 1:

Understanding Your Real Costs of Doing Business

Your costs of operation are not identical to everyone else. In this session we’ll work on how to calculate your operating costs for each of the three main enterprises of professional horsemen: Boarding, Lessons and Training. You need this information first before you can make good decisions about what you need to charge for your services. Don’t worry, you don’t need to have an M.B.A. to do this work. You just need to be able to add, subtract, multiply and divide.

  • Understand your overall operating costs first
  • Cost per horse per month to board
  • Cost of a riding lesson on your horse
  • Cost of training a horse for a month

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Module 2:

How to Be Viewed As A Valued Expert

Instead Of A Commodity

True or False? Apples and Oranges Are Identical. They Look, Taste and Cost The Same.

If you answered True, then: A riding lesson with you is just like a riding lesson with your competitors. Your boarding facility and care are the same standards as every other boarding farm. Your training program is no different than the rest of them.

If you answered False then: You know you’re different and have excellent service to offer. You recognize the value of what you sell. You believe:

  • Analyze the competition with a competitor analysis worksheet
  • Compare your current rates with competition
  • Find your unique abilities and offering

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Once you understand your costs of operation you can start working on your pricing

Module 3:

Raising Your Fees Instead of Raising Eyebrows

If you’re a professional horseman and  barely earning a profit or losing money, you have two choices. 1. Lower your costs which is hard to do when you’ve already pinched every penny you can. 2. Raise your rates.

Saying to yourself you need to raise your rates and doing it are two very different things. You’ve denied yourself the benefit of earning more money through increase rates because of:

  • Fear of Rejection
  • A Lack of Confidence You’re Good Enough
  • Your Desire Not to Offend Friends
  • You Don’t Know What to Say and When to Say It When You Increase rates

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When you’re done with this module you’ll be ready for a plan of action

Module 4:

How To Make Sure Your Customers Continue to

See The Extra Value You Provide

Action is what it takes on your part to follow through with introducing your new rate schedule. We’ll work on your action plan and the timing for introducing your new rates feeling confident and guilt free.

  • Timing Your Announcement
  • How to React and What to Say To Comments From Your Customers About Your New Fee Schedule
  • Handling Customers Who Leave Because Of:  “I Can’t Afford That”
  • Your Burning Questions About Rates That Need Answering

When you’ve completed all four modules, you’ll have the knowledge and confidence to charge what you’re worth to earn a fair living and not feel guilty about it. The challenge of how to set prices will be removed as you move forward with improving other areas of your business.

Standard Course Fee  $197

But until August 12, 2013

Your Price :
Just $97

And It Comes with This 30-Day
“No Questions Asked” Priority Guarantee!

If you feel you didn’t get the value you expected on how to feel confident in what you offer and charge what you’re worth, then ask for a full refund.

But I’m confident you’ll  implement the ideas and systems of this course and you’ll send us a testimonial telling us how much more you’ve accomplished after taking our training.

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