Follow Up To Close More Sales

When you’re selling boarding, lessons, or training, (and if you’re not selling, why aren’t you?) ask for the prospect’s email address.

Simply say at that end of your conversation, “Would it be OK if I emailed you more information about our program?” 99% of the time the prospect will say yes.

Then follow up with more information and your contact information. Serious buyers don’t mind being “sold” with more information to help their buying decision.

Choose Carefully-Every Customer Is Not Your Ideal Customer

Unlike Wal-Mart, Target or Amazon, you shouldn’t attempt to sell to every potential customer who shows up at your business and says “I want to buy.”  You only have a finite amount of time each day to dedicate to your business and it makes sense to sell to only the customers who appreciate your skills, business atmosphere and expert care and happily pay for it.

Here’s why. Customers who quibble constantly over price, don’t show up as promised and complain about everything and everyone are no help to your profitability. If you skim through your list of current customers, you will most likely discover 80% of your revenue comes from only 20% of the total number of customers.

If so, start working today on replacing problem customers with the same type of customers, the 20%, who contribute to 80% of your sales. You will be much happier working with customers willing to pay you what you’re worth and benefit from the great value you provide.

Where will you find the time marketing for better quality customers? With all of the time you’re no longer wasting on low revenue problem customers.

Are You Type 1 or Type 2 Today?

There are two types of horse business owners.

Type 1. : Those who take full responsibility for successes and failures. They own both.

Type 2. : Those who revel in success and are always victims of circumstance for their failures.

Are you Type 1 or Type 2 today?