You’ll Close More Sales If You Do This Simple Thing

3 buckets of money

A question for you.  Do you know what your competitors charge for boarding, lessons and training? If you don’t, it makes it difficult to position the services you offer and the fees you charge in relation to what a prospect thinks the market range is for fees.  For the uninformed prospect, the easiest way to make a decision is to base it on price.

For example, if a prospect assumes all riding lessons are equal in value and merely a commodity like a bushel of corn, then the lowest price is the best value.  The thought process is similar to buying a certain brand and length of computer cable. Check Wal-Mart, Target and Amazon and you’re done.

It’s your job as a salesperson to educate prospects on the value you offer for the fee you charge. You are not selling commodities and will do well when you can explain to prospects the differences.