How to Improve Your Horse Business In Less Than 3 Days

I had the pleasure of presenting at Betsy Webb’s Riding Instructor’s Workshop in Louisville, KY over the weekend. I’ve attended many workshops/seminars in my career and here’s what I know from  experience.empty class room

The attendees at these gatherings offer just as much, probably more than, the presenters do to help your business. You see, lifelong learners are passionate about sharing as well. The experience and tips offered by others in your profession can be worth tens of thousands of dollars over the years of your career. Hearing the voices of experience helps erase all of the fear that has held you back from initiating change.

You can read books, watch videos and listen to motivational audio for sure, but nothing beats dedicating your time and money to participate all-in at a gathering of like-minded professional horsemen.

What are you going to do about continuing your education in 2016?