What The Goal Experts Neglect to Tell You

The experts tell you to write down your goals. This is profound advice.

What they don’t tell you to do is the following. As you go through the day and make choices about what to do next, ask yourself this question.

Is what I’m about to do next going to move me closer to or further from my goals?

You Can Forget About Your Weaknesses If You…

You are what your are, you ain’t what you ain’t…

Research has shown it’s a waste of time to try to improve your weaknesses. Instead, direct your energy toward building and improving your strengths. Your customers will love you for your many strengths and forgive you for your occasional weaknesses.

No one ever said, “That Einstein was absolutely brilliant with his theories. Too bad he was a terrible speller.”

Trouble Shooting Your Broken Business

If I had to make a living fixing small engines, no doubt my kids would have been very skinny. My friend Craig is my go to source for small engine repair problems.  He tells me I make it too difficult when troubleshooting my small engine repairs.  “It’s one of three problems, always“, he tells me.

  1. Spark
  2. Fuel
  3. Air

And he’s right.  The problem is always related to one of these three simple things.  If I run down his list of three, I can always solve my problem.

Spark, fuel and air are the three items that usually need to be considered when troubleshooting a business, too.

Spark is the equivalent of leadership.  Is the owner a leader sparking, inspiring and giving the business and employees direction?

Fuel makes the business go.  Are there proper resources:  tools, machinery, horses and working capital?

Air is the life of the business.  Are the employees providing the right kind of “oxygen” and energy for business success?  Can they and are they able to sustain the business with their actions and talents?