Are You Running Your Marathon Wearing Snow Shoes?

Many professional horsemen tell me they are crazy busy. I’m not sure what that means exactly but I take it to mean they are crazed doing many things each day. And if all the things being done each day move the business along in a positive way, then I salute their discipline and tenacity.

If they are crazy as in feeling on the edge of insanity because of the burden of working in the business e.g. cleaning stalls, feeding, watering, arena grooming, getting feed, fixing the tractor yet again and renewing the truck registration, then perhaps they should evaluate the difference between being busy and productive and being busy tolerating chaos.

When every day feels like you’re running a marathon wearing snow shoes, it’s time to evaluate how you go about setting yourself up to win as opposed to just finish before they turn the lights out.

Call, Don’t Write!-It Worked 30 Years Ago and Still Works Today

Thirty years ago, “Call, don’t write!”, was salesman Bill Burhans phrase for action in business. Pre-internet days, Bill knew a phone call would significantly speed the process of writing up and completing a sale. Writing a purchase order and mailing it was the norm for doing business for the last 100 years. It was reliable, but impersonal and very slow.

Today, we still write. It’s in text form or email and fast, but it’s still written communication. It’s clunky and often misinterpreted. Phone calls in business take time; productivity screams for speed.
Relationships in business thrive when occasional communication by voice interrupts the robotic email chains.

Bill’s “Call, don’t write” maxim is more appropriate than ever with your next business communication with customers and vendors. You both will appreciate a moment of actual conversation as you reconnect.