Are You Hanging Out With 5 Winners?

You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with.” –Jim Rohn.

I’ve read and heard this quote many times and see evidence of its truth frequently. If you hang out with people who lack discipline, focus on the negative and shutter themselves with self limiting beliefs, you can’t avoid their effect on your attitude and outlook.

Your business is too important to be held back. Seek out friends who have qualities you admire. They will help you succeed. Negativity has a permanent gig as the front man for failure.

Why A Clipboard and Pen Are The Best Start to Customer Relationships

Here’s a tip for making collection of new customer contact information easy. If you’re not already doing it, invest in a clipboard and create an intake form for new customers to fill out. Yes, it’s a pain to fill these out when you’re the new customer, but if you don’t get the information at the start, you’ll probably never collect it. Society is trained to fill out sheets on clipboard; take advantage of the conditioning.

Collect the usual medical and emergency contact info., email addresses, cell phone numbers, mailing address, nick names, parent info for youth students and how did you find us.

And, while your customer is captive, add some more questions that will help you and your new customer like: Goals and expectations for riding lessons, complaints about boarding barn horse care, fears connected with horses, subjects I’d like to know more about, horse related injuries in the past, best learning method: visual, auditory, kinesthetic and why do you ride?

If you use an intake form, what are your best questions? Please share.