Content for Your Facebook Business Page

Searching for meaningful content to post on your Facebook business page?

Look inside your head. Your experiences with horses and customers are all you need to find helpful tips to write about.

As examples, post about how to: overcome horse show jitters, breathe properly while riding, wrap a leg, clean a bridle and bit or properly warm-up a horse. You have a wealth of knowledge stored in your brain.  Share it.

A Low Cost Tool To Produce High Value Results in Your Horse Business

If commercial pilots trust the practice of running down a check list each time they power up or power down their multimillion dollar aircraft, you ought to trust the habit of using checklists in your business, too.

As examples, do you have checklists for:  feeding, watering , turnouts, tack cleaning, following up with prospects, packing the horse trailer and emergency procedures?  Checklists are great low-tech tools for simplifying routines and preventing careless mistakes.

Fear’s Favorite Phrases for Horse Business Owners

Stand by.
Just a minute.
Maybe tomorrow.
Let me think about it.

Fear’s  excuses delay action in your business. If you think about all of the times you waited to take a risk, how many of your self imposed delays were necessary ?

Fear is a trickster. It helps you rationalize the choice of delay is always a better than the choice of action. And you never even see its hand move.

Renew Your Horse Business Growth

Pardon the pun, but your horse business is never stable. It’s either growing or shrinking. What are you doing today to help it grow?

  • Creating or revising a marketing plan
  • Studying your finances
  • Working with your support team or creating one
  • Taking advantage of a mentor to help with areas of uncertainty
  • Exploring organizational efficiencies for better flow in the office or in the barn
  • Or hoping the same old stuff you did for the last 52 weeks will suddenly make a change?

Beware of Going For the Low Hanging Fruit

A well circulated business strategy advises simplicity and ease by going for the low hanging fruit for more sales in your business.

apple tree field

This strategy works  best when the low hanging fruit isn’t picked over previously by others and all you can find is bruises, scars and worm holes.

Speedy Staff Meetings

Your employees, unpaid team members and family can’t read your mind as well as you think they can. And you can’t read their minds too well either.

You all will get more done with a better attitude if you make the time to have a 10 minute staff meeting every week.  A short meeting keeps everyone focused and attitudes positive.

Some of the agenda items for your staff meeting may be:

  • Upcoming events
  • Maintenance
  • Scheduling
  • Feeding
  • Lessons and students
  • Conduct with customers
  • Timeliness
  • Congrats for well done work
  • Team suggestions for a better business