Used Farm Equipment Is Often The Best Value

It’s a wonderful thing to be able to afford new farm equipment like: post hole diggers, grader blades, hay rakes, fertilizer spreaders and hay wagons. But, good used equipment is usually half the price of new.

It’s too hard to find you may argue.  And I would agree ten years ago.  But now, with e-bay, Craig’s List and dozens of used equipment bulletin boards and sites, there is no excuse for you not to do an electronic search locally.

If the equipment is a little rusty, a $25.00 gallon of paint, a brush and a pint of elbow grease will make it look almost new.

grader blade

What Gets Measured Gets Done

A wise person once said, “what gets measured gets done.”  We measure by distance: inches, feet, miles. We measure in time: seconds, minutes, hours, days. We measure in cents and dollars.

You can assign an incremental (daily, weekly, monthly) form of measurement and a system to just about everything you set as a business goal.

But you don’t.

Perhaps it’s to avoid the hurt from disappointing measurement results when they occur. It could be because you never thought about how to do it. Or it could be because you don’t really believe you can make the goal.

I use a full 12 month wall calendar with adhesive dots on the days I crank out a weekly newsletter to my list. There are a bunch of dots on it and there are a few weeks with no dots.  If I didn’t have a visual measurement system, I know my weekly newsletter would become a monthly newsletter and eventually an annual newsletter and then a no newsletter.

The dots keep me honest with myself. That’s what measurement and systems can do for you.

Horse Business Webinar About Software and Record Keeping

Just had a great talk with my friend Bob Valentine creator of equineGenie horse business software. We were brainstorming the idea of doing a joint webinar (free) about record keeping and business analysis. Bob taught courses in horse business management at CSU and is a well of information.

What would you like to know more about to help your business? Really would appreciate your suggestions!

Be An Alert Advocate For Your Horse Business-Or Live With The Consequences

There are no government warning labels about it, but confidence in the status quo, as practiced in your horse business, is a narcotic. Narcotic’s base meaning from ancient Greek is sleep inducing.  I fear these status quo beliefs are examples of sleepy assumptions in the horse industry:

  • Horses will always be classified as livestock, not pets.
  • Farriers will never have to be licensed.
  • Boarding stables will be excluded from inspection or certification by local, state or federal government.
  • Riding instructors will always be exempt from required certification as a teacher.
  • Liability insurance premium increases will never limit opportunities for riding lessons, boarding, training and horse shows.

Be an alert advocate for your industry to preserve the beneficial pieces of status quo. Others may do things while you sleep that you won’t like once the narcotic wears off.




Speak Like A Professional Horseman

Your speaking skills are directly related to your success as a professional horseman. As an instructor, a salesperson or a manager, what you say and how you say it shapes the way people see you and react to your ideas, comments and instructions.

Join a local Toastmaster club (I did) to give yourself the training and practice to speak like a pro in normal conversation, deliver impromptu remarks to a small group or give a prepared presentation. After a short while, you won’t believe the difference in your effectiveness as a communicator.