Are You Stuck In Your Decision Tree?-Decide and Conquer

I’ve met a number of wealthy people in business who started with very little money. One of the common characteristics of this group is their ability to make decisions efficiently. They listen intently, ask necessary questions and make a timely decision in minutes on simple matters.  With major decisions, once all the necessary information is collected, decisions are made in days.

Reluctance to make decisions promptly when you’re the sole decision maker is usually brought about the committee of doubters that exist in your head. They offer statements like: “Remember what happened last time”, “Sounds risky, get more solid information to double check”, ‘You’re not good enough”, “Others have tried this and lost money, “What will people think if you fail.”

Your internal committee of voices often has its priorities reversed. Instead of obsessing on all of the bad that can happen, it should be evaluating benefit in consideration of potential risk.

A wise person once said, “Good decisions come from experience and experience comes from bad decisions.” The most skilled decision makers have made a few bad ones along the way. Ask them.

You can only make a decision in the present based on only what you know at that moment. Accept risk and move on to the next decision and watch your business grow.


Website Forms Get Results For Your Horse Business

Your customers and prospects who visit your website love simplicity.

Instead of complicating their lives by asking them to call (who is going to call you at 5:32 A.M. or 11:06 P.M.?) or e-mail (compose an e-mail, come on, who likes to put the energy into writing an organized letter?) give the site visitor a short form to fill in with their phone number or e-mail address to get the ball rolling.

Forms are effortless for the prospect and easy for you to start a conversation.

Improve Your Tone to Improve Your Success

“I don’t like the tone of your voice”, said Momma for good reason.  She wanted you to pay attention to how what you say will be interpreted by others. Your verbal message is measured more by tone than the words you use.  Happy, serious, sad, angry or bland, the tone of your voice sets up the feeling in the mind of the listener.

When you sound like the back-up beeper of a truck as you speak with an employee or customer, the intent of your message is partly lost to a storm cloud of emotional interpretation.

Most of the time, it pays to smile when you speak. Smiling forces a more pleasing tone in your voice and helps alleviate the desire to punch him in the face.

Write Notes In Your Books- There Are No Book Police

I don’t know about you, but I don’t read every non fiction book I buy cover to cover. There simply isn’t enough time and not every chapter in every book appeals to me. But, for the parts of a book with content that helps me, I make it a point to highlight the good stuff and take notes right on the page.

For readers who still think writing on the pages of a book is a sin, Stop It. You own it, mark it up all you want to get the most benefit! I’ve been doing this for years and the book police have never knocked on my door with a citation. In the photo, you can see I’ve taken some notes in Jane Savoie’s “That Winning Feeling” ©1992. Good advice never gets old.Savoie That Winning Feeling

People Whispering For Professional Horsemen

You get to do your best work with horses, but people are your real customers.  You might want to develop these skills for People Whispering:

1. Study human body language
2. Say what you need to say in the simplest terms possible
3. Use diagrams and pictures when appropriate
4. Beyond words, listen to the speaker’s tone, volume and tempo carefully before you respond