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Planning For Success In Your Horse Business

If you’ve ever injured your back, feet or legs, chances are good you learned how to become very efficient at planning out all of your steps in advance to minimize the pain of the injury while you were up walking.

Extra steps are extra pain.

How much more efficient would your business day be if you planned your path with just as much detail to avoid second trips, wasted time while waiting and unnecessary interruptions?

What’s R.O.I. and Its Relevance to The Horse Business?

In businessspeak, R.O.I. is Return On Investment. It’s a measurement of your financial benefit from investing resources like money, time or assets in a project. In an equation ROI=WIIFM. Translation: Return on Investment equals What’s In It For Me.

Before you invest money, time, assets or other resources in your business project, calculate the value to you and your business first. Not all great ideas or projects provide phenomenal returns on your investment. That doesn’t mean don’t do it if the ROI is marginal or unclear, it means know what you’re getting into.

Used Farm Equipment Is Good Value


Like this vintage bike, the “old stuff” was built to last.

When you need to buy farm equipment, check the used market for post hole diggers, tillage equipment, wagons, and tractors. Much of the older equipment is better than some of the equipment offered today. Check out craigslist to see what’s out there or post a “want”. You might be surprised!