Leaving Your Mark


I grab a special handle on the sliding barn door every day to open it. It's not fancy; it's built for function, much like a horse shoe.


The manufacturer of that handle put his heart and soul into all of the iron he produced as a blacksmith and a farrier. My door handle is proudly stamped with "Vern H." to let the world know he made it.


He's passed on and I often think about him and his work with horses and their owners when I see the stamp.


Your pride in your work will leave a legacy that will endure far longer than any of your material goods you value so highly today.  


Think about it, when you leave this world, your money will be distributed to your heirs who will use it and mix it back into the economic river where you found it. It's likely your clothes will be donated to strangers and after personal keepsakes are distributed, the remainder of your effects will end up in a garage sale or landfill.


What's left for your legacy are your own little stamps you make along your way in life.


You know, like the time you gave a kid a job who desperately needed the money and some solid advice in a troubled time.

Or the time you gave a talk to a group of 4-H 'ers where one kid remembers your words about good horsemanship for the rest of his life.


And when the riding camp student from twenty five years ago brings her daughter to camp and says please give her the confidence you gave me when I needed it so much.


Your words and actions are the stamps that truly make your legacy.  


Leave your mark with pride.       


Now get your boots on and go to work doing the things that matter most.