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Tue.,October 19, 2010

Tuesdays are action days.

Autumn's low sun and shorter days punctuate the urgency to get more done in less hours of daylight.

Forty-one seconds of motivational thought follows below.

Read it now, not later.

What To Say To Say When Talking To Yourself

When people are in groups, thinking out loud is common practice for brainstorming and problem solving. Thoughts get vocalized and the group helps sort the good from the bad. The best ideas are expanded and solutions to problems are put into action.

But, you may not realize most of your thinking out loud occurs between your ears. Thousands of thoughts per day verbalize as conversations with yourself and imaginary exchanges with other people.

You talk to your ego about your gloomy financial security, your weight and your lack of time to get things done. You create endless dialogues rehearsing how difficult conversations might go with others speculating a wide scenario of outcomes.

It's unfortunate the default tone for most self talk is negative.

And while you may have selective hearing when it comes to listening to others, you hear every word you say to yourself.


Being the awesome and eloquent speaker you are, with a dedicated audience of one who believes every word you say, are you choosing your words carefully for your soliloquies?


Just for today, let a part of you sit in a chair in the back of the room in your head where all of this self talk occurs. When words of doubt, fear and negativity materialize, interrupt with an air horn.


And you may want to wear ear plugs.

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Now, get your boots on and go to work. Only the whiners are taking the day off.

Doug Emerson