If You Can’t Get There From Here, Throw Out The Map

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Tue.,June 29, 2010

Tuesdays are action days.

That's because the distractions of Monday's planning, posturing and
procrastinating are over.

Thirty two seconds of motivational thought follows below.

Read it now, not later.



If You Can't Get There From Here, Throw Out The Map


math teacher may have told you in class ,"The shortest distance
between two points is a straight line."

No argument, Teach, on paper and in geometry class, it's

Elsewhere, it's a myth. 
Because, off paper, it's close to impossible to travel from starting
point to destination point in a straight line.

when trekking over hilly or mountainous terrain, the zig zag is the most
efficient way to climb and descend.

the sea
a sailboat is denied by physics to choose to sail straight into the wind
toward its destination.  It moves from one point to the next upwind
point by tacking back and forth over great distances laterally for
progress toward its goal.

the air
the commercial airline pilot alters course to fly around threatening storms
and risky weather.

you plot progress toward your goals, don't be disappointed if your chart
has peaks and valleys.  Straight lines are for geometry class and


Now, get your boots on, go to work and make it a great day!

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Doug Emerson
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Brand New Is Overrated!

Douglas Emerson Profitable Horseman


Profitable Horseman Newsletter 


22, 2010

New Is Overrated!

Schwinn BikeOur son Will's friend, John, parked his bike on the lawn
in front of the barn.  After a jaw drop and a double take, the
wayback machine took me to 1962 and memories of my first bike.

It was an identical black Schwinn with the same saddleback black
and white seat with the trademark "S" on it.
Had it traveled forward in time?

Will and John, both 21, ride Schwinn bikes older than they are. 
They like the nostalgia and the quality of the bikes. The Schwinn
brand, once famous for quality, low maintenance and longevity,
unfortunately lost the market battle with less expensive and lower quality
imported throw-away bikes many years ago.

It's no secret that the consumer culture embraces NEW as a status
statement.  I'm as fond of shiny paint or the smell of a new car
as much as anyone else.  But I've found everything I ever bought
new became "used" after just a day at work. And when you
think about it, everybody in business has no new equipment, just used

I got to thinking about how horse business owners are duped into
thinking new is always better than used. Don't get me wrong, it's
almost always a given to buy certain items like computers, software,
cell phones new. Technology advances so quickly, you need the
benefit of the latest.

But, the horse business and many other businesses aren't technology
driven and older used equipment works as well as new equipment for half
the price. 

If money is no object to you, or huge monthly payments don't upset you,
keep buying new. The manufacturers need you and you needn't read
any further.

If you're interested in saving your cash for other things, consider the
used market for:
·        Horse trailers
·        Tractors
·        Pick up trucks
·        Manure spreaders
·        Wagons
·        Post hole diggers,
grader blades, discs, harrows, bush hogs, mowing equipment, hay

In many cases, older equipment, just like the Schwinn bicycle, is more
rugged and dependable than the newer equipment.

But, good used equipment is too hard to find you may argue.  And I
would agree ten years ago.  But now, with e-bay, Craig's List and
dozens of used equipment bulletin boards and sites, there is no
for you not to do an electronic search. 

Granted, it may take a while to find the right one, but in the interest
of saving thousands of dollars, you can afford to put some research
time into it.

And if your "new" used equipment needs to be shiny or the
right color, new paint (stay away from the used stuff) is less than
$25.00 per gallon.


Others Have Said 

"The buyer needs a hundred eyes, the seller not one
."–Ben Franklin

can't find what you're not looking for"–Captain Obvious

bicycle is a curious vehicle.  Its passenger is its
engine."–John Howard


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Back At The Barn

winter turnoutLast week's Tuesday Morning Gallop about Abby Sunderland's
attempt to sail around the world and the subject of taking risk
triggered many e-mail responses from readers. 

Measuring risk is highly personal and there is no formula that fits
everyone.  Most readers agreed that accepting reasonable risk was
unavoidable in the pursuit of business progress.

I've been thinking about how society has changed its view of risk since
the days I was riding my Schwinn, bare- headed.

A safety conscious society has added to my life: helmets and
miscellaneous safety devices for just about all sports, seat belts, air
bags, panic buttons, kill switches and countless face guards, mouth
guards and body armor.

All good stuff in my opinion, but it seems to me that the best approach
for risk reduction is a focused mind.


I help professional horsemen and
horsewomen struggling with the business half of the horse

Not enough time, not enough money
or not enough of the right people working for you?

Is your horse boarding business unprofitable?
Contact me to see if I can help. 

Until next time,



Profitable Horseman



Lost: Spirit of Adventure. Last seen at age twenty-something.

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  5:31 A.M. Eastern    

Tue.,June 15,2010

Tuesdays are action days.

That's because the distractions of Monday's planning, posturing and
procrastinating are over.

Thirty six seconds of motivational thought follows below.

Read it now, not later.



Lost: Spirit of
Adventure. Last seen at age twenty-something.

week ago, I'd never heard of Abby Sunderland, the 16 year old
sailing, solo, around the world.

news story a few days ago of an emergency distress signal from her forty
foot  boat being pounded by high seas in the Indian Ocean made my
neck tighten and cramp like January snow melting inside my collar.

you're following the story too, you now know it has a happy ending as she is safe and on her way home.

opinion about Abby's adventure is understandably mixed.
  One group offers
praise and support for her ambitious adventure.  The other group is
quick to criticize Abby's parents for allowing such a dangerous and
foolish quest by their child.

latter group sees wisdom in minimizing risk, playing it safe and
sticking close to home
. Most likely they are not sailors, rock
climbers or horsemen. You probably know people in this group.  

called followers
And they'd like you to be one, too, because there is safety in numbers.

success in business is determined by your willingness to lead, take risk
and be accountable.  Having been to countless awards ceremonies I
haven't seen an award yet for: best follower, best risk-averter or person
most dependent on others.

the boat


Now, get your boots, go to work and make it a great day!

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Doug Emerson
Profitable Horseman
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Three Things Employees Are Afraid to Tell the Boss

A reader e-mailed recently as a follow up to a Profitable
newsletter about employees from the employer's view:

Have really enjoyed your newsletter and have been getting it for a couple of
years.  Now, will you write one from the employee's view.  How to
treat people you hire.  We see so much from the employers end, now, lets
see an article from the employee's view.

Cathy Johnson


Dear Boss,

I know you're
busy all of the time and that's why I'm writing you this note instead of trying
to get you to slow down to tell you in person.

First, I just
want to tell you I like my job and the people I work with.
And the reason I'm writing is because I'd like to keep working for you. But, in
view of the way things are changing, here are three points I offer for your

I feel my wages are fair and in the range of the "going rate". You
may be surprised, but your appreciation for the work I do is  more
important than my paycheck.  I don't need lavish praise, just an
occasional acknowledgment for getting the job done on time, working late
without complaining and being a good team member.

Because I'm committed to the success of the business, I do spend time thinking
about how we can do things better and in less time.  When you let me in
on things going on in the business and planning for future events
, it helps
me prepare for change.  I feel more in control of my job responsibilities
when I know in advance.  Notice about things like horse shows and clinics
at the farm as well as your travel schedule help me be ready to cover added

I know employees are supposed to leave personal problems at home, but no matter
how hard I try, I think about home at work, just as I think about work at
home.  Sometimes I need some help with personal problems and as you
are experienced in life and are a leader, your opinion and advice is important
to me.  Once in a while, I need some outside advice and value your
opinion; please remember most people aren't as independent or skilled at
decision making as you are.

This next
sentence may be hard for you to believe.  But, from an employee's
perspective, a job is not all about the money.  If money was the
top goal for employees, we'd probably all be running our own businesses. 

Don't get me
wrong. I want to earn a fair wage, but the three things I mentioned above are
more important to me and most other employees than earning top dollar for my

Your employee

Back At The Barn

barn windowI recently traveled to
North Plains Oregon to present a horse business workshop at beautiful
Fallbrooks Farm. Jason Cheney and crew manage a spectacular facility for
horses and for hosting clinics and meetings.  Here is what Jason had to
say about our meeting in a youtube video click here.

Peter Moon of o2Compost.com joined us also for a short course on the benefits
of composting horse manure.  I'd met Peter on the phone before and it
was terrific to meet him in person. I'm sold on the benefits of his
composting systems. If you want the scoop on the ease of composting here is
his site:  o2Compost.com 

Saturday's Belmont Stakes left my pick,Ice Box, in the "also
ran" category.  After his close second in the Derby, the odds
makers had him as the favorite. Like the old joke goes, a race horse is an
animal that can take thousands of people for a ride at the same time.

Winning horse, Drosselmeyer, (bet you can't say that fast 3 times) 
loved the
long mile and a half work out.

I've been watching the Secretariat Movie trailer; the film will be
thrilling to watch and we already know we get a happy ending.  I'm
hoping the movie gives the horse racing industry a boost it sorely needs.

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