Rotating Inventory for Maximum Profit

What’s the one thing you can do in your horse business to help thrive rather than survive the recession?

Review your inventory of horses regularly.  Make a simple list with name,age, years owned, current value and potential value.  Then ask the question.  Which horses on the list are thief horses?  You may love ’em all, but are they all pulling their own weight building value to compensate for the $3000 per year it costs to own them plus profit?

Unlike a warehouse full of nuts and bolts, horses are living,eating and aging requiring constant energy and monetary investment.

An empty stall will attract better brood mares, horses for training, students for lessons and clients for boarding.  A stall occupied by a project horse with an uncertain time line for success, spooks potential profits from showing up.

Helmets and Equestrians

I can be a bit of a rebel at times.  I strongly dislike being told what to do by shallow thinking legislators.

Wearing a seat belt was a natural for me when I began driving many years ago.  But when New York state legislators decided it needed to be compulsory to wear a seat belt when driving in the state, I resented it.

A seat belt ticket and a $100 fine helped me get over my resentment.

I wear a helmet everytime I ride.  The state hasn’t made this compulsory yet for adults.  Even if it does, I’ll still comply.  It is senseless to not wear a helmet.

Another reason for wearing a helmet other than noggin protection is the example you set for youth.  They’re required to wear one in my state, maybe your state too. You’re the role model, set the example.

Julie Goodnight makes a good point about it here in her blog

But, I draw the line wearing a helmet in the car while I’m driving-legislators don’t even think about it.

Riding Out the Economic Storm

Woulda…Coulda…Shoulda.  Afterthoughts we’ve all had.  Especially in view of doom and gloom economic reports that pepper our outlook from "the news".

Other than a learning experience, there is no future in looking back.  Pun intended.

Your business will benefit from your ability to remain positive and calm.  The experienced horseman knows that everything goes through the reins to the horse, fear or confidence, anger or calm.

If your business is a little spooked right now, take a deep breath, exhale and sit deep in the saddle. You can ride out the spook and get settled and centered.