Overnight Success in the Horse Business

I hear and read about overnight success in business frequently.  Particularly in the music industry, apparent unknowns are made famous almost overnight with a new song, style or band that is instantly popular.

Wow! If only folks in the horse business could be that lucky!  It seems like the only way to be successful in the horse business is to keep showing up for work each day and practice, practice, practice.

But wait a minute, maybe overnight success is a total myth.  Isn’t the music indusry responsible for affirming that the way to Carnegie Hall is practice…practice…

If you have read the background and bios of overnight successes, you probablly found the same central theme I found:  More practice, practice, practice over years of nights.

Just like all businesses, the horse business requires trying new things, practice and making mistakes on the road to success.  Learn from the mistakes and keep moving forward.

What new things have you tried lately?

Every Step Counts in the Horse Business

I spent some time on crutches while healing from an accident a few years back. It was my first time ever operating the sticks and it didn’t take long to get the hang of it.

But, being a skilled crutch operator didn’t do anything about relieving pain.  It still hurt when I walked and the entire process of movement was a physical workout often breaking out in a sweat.

If you have ever spent time on crutches you know what I mean when I say every step counts.  You plan your movement around the house, office and barn in the most efficient path possible; failure to do so results in extra trips and unnecessary pain.

And that’s the motivating factor for making every step count: avoiding pain.

Since most of us can move about freely, we ignore the planning process required for “crutch mode”.  The result is a lot of wasted motion in our daily business lives.

Wasted motion includes three trips to the photocopier within 15 minutes, return trip home to retrieve the cell phone, pawing through papers for five minutes to find the phone number that should have been recorded in your address book three months ago.

Crutch mode eliminates wasted motion because the pain penalty overrides mental laziness.  Pretend you are on crutches for a day and see if you can make every step count.

Someday Horse Businesses

I took a little blogging vacation recently and set up my mental lounge chair at the foot of Mount Someday.  You probably have a Mount Someday in your head, too.  It’s built from your lifetime of Someday thoughts and statements. 

You know what I mean.

"Someday I’ll get that book written, someday I’ll launch that great business idea, someday I’ll travel to China… " 

The Somedays, when piled up, create a huge mountain.  The kind of a mountain that casts a shadow North, South, East and West simultaneously.  Without some sunshine, the challenge of climbing can be intimidating.  The result is that nothing happens.

Like the punch line from the old joke about asking the Vermont farmer for directions to Boston, "You can’t get there from here", you can’t get your "Somedays" done staring at the mountain from the shade.

Moving to a place in your head where there is sunshine, a single focus and willing support will let you find the way to get there.  Pick the Someday and forget about the rest of the somedays making the mountain.  You won’t even need MapQuest.