Timing is Everything

I’ve read many books on the art of selling.  Not one has covered the subject of timing and high humidity.  In the summer heat season in areas like the one in which I live, we suffer on occasion from extremely humid days.

" It’s not the heat, its the humidity ", is the popular weather comment on the days with 70% humidity and above.  The popular grumpy response, which can remain an unspoken thought or be vehemently vocalized, is No S–t !

The title of my sales book will be "Fair Weather Selling-the Sales Boat Capsizes in High Humidity"

Beware of humidity sensitive attitudes.

Life is short, ride hard.

Good equitation (form) is essential to a comfortable ride on a horse. Heels down, head up and eyes forward.

Seems like that the same posture and a good attitude gets you where you are going in life, too.